About Us

Jennifer founded the Dallas Dog Palace after sixteen years as a public school educator. In her most recent career at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Downtown Dallas, she split her time teaching Spanish to young artists and caring for a group of stray cats (as well as other creatures) that lived under the school. She is a longtime vegetarian who adores animals and can always be found with a group of loving animals following her around. Jennifer grew up with turtles, parakeets, rabbits, and multiple dogs at home. Her paternal grandparents raised and showed Saint Bernards and taught her how dogs interact and how to train them. Jennifer has since completed many courses on dog behavior and training, as well as dog health, including Canine CPR.

Jennifer is currently the proud parent of a teenaged human and a Brittany named Jules, who loves to go on long walks and runs with her in the mornings. Jules was the inspiration for the “Zoom Zone” because she is very active and loves to fetch tennis balls in the backyard. Jennifer brings Jules with her to the Palace almost every day to serve as the acting Canine Experience Officer (CEO). Everything at the Palace is held to the “Jules Standard” which means if it is not good enough for Jules, it is not good enough for your fur baby!

A Message From Jules

During the pandemic my humans realized I was not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation while they were at the office or at home on long video calls. When I presented the idea of spending every moment of every day together for the rest of our lives to my favorite human, Jennifer, she had already been thinking about it herself. She makes sure that my mind, body, and spirit are nourished through healthy eating, plenty of exercise, brain challenges, love and care, and environmentally friendly products and practices.

Jennifer and I enjoy waking up early to walk or run as we complete our daily mission called Squirrel Scavenger Hunt.  We repeat it at night, but unfortunately the squirrels are already asleep.  Other fun activities that I let Jennifer participate in are “ball”, “tug war”, “belly rubs”, “find the thing I stole”, and “be friends with the cat”, among many others.  Jennifer likes to play something called “training”.  It is okay.  I like that there are treats involved and she smiles at me a lot.  She says that she loves me and I am her favorite friend.  What more could I want than to spend all day every day with someone like that?  And just like that, we were doing these activities together at the Dallas Dog Palace with lots of other furry friends!  

The Dallas Dog Palace has the very best of humans, a big yard for playing and fun activities, luxurious beds for any sleepovers, walks, runs,  interactive games and courses, and I guess baths.I did not want to include any spa services, but you win some and you lose some.You know what is missing from my Dallas Dog Palace?You!Come join me and you too will be treated like royalty!

Love, gratitude, and licks,

Jules Canine

Canine Experience Officer (CEO)
Dallas Dog Palace